Raysor Trade Super Trend

— ETH versus BTC —

uses a fully automated trend following strategy inspired by legendary traders like Jesse Livermore, Toby Crabel, and William Eckhardt. The trading strategy uses simple trend-following rules augmented with concepts such as stochastic momentum, narrow range, and volume, as well as crypto-specific indicators such as mining hash rate. This (daily) algorithm is adapted to work with higher DeFi transaction fees, hence there will not be a lot of transactions. Wait for it… it will capture the trend when it’s there…

By trading the ETHBTC pair you have constant crypto exposure while we try to outperform the general market.

I have a PhD in economics, been crypto trading for years and decided to automate some clever rules into the Raysor Trade bots. Taking away emotion when trading is the biggest factor for success as it enables us to catch the trends, avoiding buying tops and selling dips.

Backtesting results — from 2018, with 0.3% transaction cost

Further backtesting — from 2015

, only a meagre 10% profit sharing at Mercor Finance.

Find more algorithms by Pentational at .

For fun: removing high trading costs (i.e. what if we run this on a centralised exchange with 0.02% fee)

Trading costs matter :)



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Dorien Herremans

Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design. Co-founder of